February 7, 2011

This blog has clown in the title, so it better be funny…at least, that’s what you’re probably thinking.

As I revisit my intention of including the word clown in the title, it has a couple upsides and downsides.

First, a downside: most hilarious media don’t pronounce themselves as “clown”-y or humorous, except maybe in their internal missions statements.  By saying I intend to be funny, I’m setting up expectations, which I spend most of my life trying to lower.

An upside: the walls between various divisions of our life keep lowering.  Work at home (email) is discussed almost weekly on the Nytimes and other websites, because the technological and temporal difference between the two barely exists any more.   Home at work (Facebook and personal social media at work) is discussed less, because there is an assumption that any usage of work technology for these purposes is getting in the way of productivity.

And this is part of why I’m interested in discussing humorous or uncomfortable work topics in a public forum – because studies (my personal experience) show that so much goes unsaid.  Through personal reflection, interviews, and observations of every day business experiences, I hope to create a forum for people to discuss these topics freely and with levity.  If people are laughing, that pink slip they’re holding may not feel so heavy.


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